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bug#6390: Should not regexp-quote quote newline?

Subject: bug#6390: Should not regexp-quote quote newline?
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 00:19:17 -0400

> Unfortunately print-escape-newlines does not quote tab, only newline
> and form-feed.

This is not at all unfortunate.

> Which in my opinion is a bug.

Which would make you wrong.

(describe-variable 'print-escape-newlines)
| Non-nil means print newlines in strings as `\n'.
| Also print formfeeds as `\f'.

Where is \t mentioned?

> Is there any objections to this change?

Sure. I object on the grounds that what you propose is madness.

But, if others do agree with the proposed changed may I suggest then
that we also replace newline with SPACE that way we needn't needlessly
concern ourselves with vertical motion in general...


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