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bug#6385: A slightly less aggressive fit-window-to-buffer

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#6385: A slightly less aggressive fit-window-to-buffer
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 16:16:25 +0200
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>> Deleting other windows when resizing was a misguided feature.  I don't
>> do that any more for quite some time and didn't miss it yet ;-)
> Did you rewrite fit-window-to-buffer or do you have another function for this?

I wrote my own windows resizing functions mostly in Elisp.

> Yes, but what it handled was that it prevented a window to grow over
> the buffers size.

If your concern is that enlarging the window of a temporary buffer can
delete other windows then doing what you propose would handle just a few

> But I do not know why the window grow bigger than the buffer.

The while loop at the end of `fit-window-to-buffer' is not sane.  Here I
still have it wrapped in a `condition-case' because in some pathological
cases it can throw an error.


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