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bug#7556: 24.0.50; visiting an EPS file with preview TIFF image and with

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: bug#7556: 24.0.50; visiting an EPS file with preview TIFF image and with one long line
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 13:04:26 +0100

Am 05.12.2010 um 05:06 schrieb Eli Zaretskii:

I have an EPS file created by Adobe Illustrator 15 with a "DOS EPS
Binary File Header" according to 5002.EPSF_Spec and a TIFF preview at
the end, in mac-roman-mac encoding. Size: 643 KB. When I visit that
file from a dired buffer in PostScript DocView View mode

Visiting binary files with anything but find-file-literally is not a
good idea.

Yes, find-file-literally works very fine, and fast! Although it produces a backup file and does not open the file read-only...

Rendering this in a window of 55 lines and around 120 columns takes
these 7 h.

Emacs display engine is known to be very slow with very long lines.
Does it help to set truncate-lines non-nil?

I did not wait the whole seven hours, just a few minutes, until the CPU became hot enough that the fan started to spin... Not really a change or improvement in speed, probably.

And more: GNU Emacs creates a #file.eps# backup file,
larger in size (50 %) than the original file. Is that the expected

I'm guessing that this is because raw bytes are decoded into internal
format that makes them take 5 bytes.  The auto-save file is written in
this internal format.

The backup file was created while I opened the file read-only, just visiting it!



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