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bug#10183: small bidi problems in the org mode and in the mini buffer

From: nabil-82
Subject: bug#10183: small bidi problems in the org mode and in the mini buffer
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 14:13:52 -0800 (PST)

| The org Problems |
(I'm using here the "hebrew" input method for rtl-text)

Let's take o1.org, in the ("SHOW ALL")- form  
--- o1.org ---
* א

              e *
--- o1.org ---

(the logical order is:
 * - space - Alef - newline - 
 Alef - newline - 
 newline - 
 * - space - e - newline - 
 e - newline )

So, everything is fine. But if both items are folded:

a) I see this by starting with "emacs":
--- o1.org ---
א *...
* e...
--- o1.org ---
So, we have problems:
The first heading is not on the right and the three points are not on the
left. By typing TAB in the first heading it jumps to correct side (the right
side and the points disappear).

I expect this - and I get it by 24.0.90:

--- o1.org ---
           ...א *
* e...
--- o1.org ---

- I've just tested it with emacs -Q:
org doesn't know there at all that the line in arabic or hebrew starts from
right. It writes the words correctly but doesn't realize that it is an

So, I see this by starting with "emacs -Q"
--- o1.org ---
* א...
* e...
--- o1.org ---

|the search problem |
Let's say we have the file h.txt with just one hebrew or arabic character.

--- h.txt ---
--- h.txt ---

If you type C-s you will get in the minibuffer

--- minibuffer ---
I-search [Ayin]:
--- minibuffer ---

If you type there Alef you will get

--- minibuffer    ---
I-search [Alef :[Ayin
--- minibuffer    ---

and not

--- minibuffer    ---
I-search [Ayin]: Alef
--- minibuffer    ---

I hope the problems are so clear?

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