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bug#3806: 23.1.50; rename-uniquely doc

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#3806: 23.1.50; rename-uniquely doc
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2012 15:31:27 -0500
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Version: 24.0.94

Stephen Berman wrote:

> The last, parenthetical, sentence in particular is important
> information, and I think it should also be in the doc string,

OK, I added something about this.

> And for this reason, I also think it should be more specific, not just
> listing "some of these features" that require switching out of the
> uniquely renamed buffer, but all such known "features".

I don't think it is possible or desirable to give a comprehensive list
(it may just be compilation-based modes).

> However, the manual appears to be out of date, or just inaccurate:
> invoking Info from within a uniquely renamed Info buffer does not
> overwrite it but opens new Info buffer, as I just confirmed with -Q.

I happened to change this recently.

> If `M-x info' has indeed been "fixed" wrt rename-uniquely, then can't
> `M-x {r,l}grep' and `M-x compile' likewise be fixed?  (I haven't tested
> compile for this, but the grep commands do indeed, annoyingly, require
> switching buffers.)  Since the requirement is documented, it is not
> strictly a bug, but the behavior is suboptimal and if, as with Info, it
> can be changed, then I think it should be.  I can submit a separate bug
> for that.

It's a deliberate feature of compilation-buffer-name. A new wishlist bug
would be appropriate if you would like to see that changed.

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