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bug#10489: 24.0.92; dired-do-copy may create infinite directory hierarch

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: bug#10489: 24.0.92; dired-do-copy may create infinite directory hierarchy
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 19:34:21 +0100
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

>>>> Because if we don't do that, we have to create new directory Test1 and
>>>> then test if Test1 is a subdir of Test.
>>> No we don't have to do that.  We can do the extra work in copy-directory
>>> (so we call file-equal-p on "~/test" rather than on "~/test/test1" when
>>> "~/test/test1" doesn't exist yet).
>> If you don't create test1, you will never have a value of
>> file-attributes for it, and file-directory-p will return always nil on
>> test1.
> I don't understand why you think that's a problem.
It's me who don't understand you, sorry.

We want to do:

(copy-directory "~/test" "~/test/test1")

"~/test/test1" is a non--existing directory.

Actually in copy-directory, I create "~/test/test1", and after doing
this, I check if this newly created directory is a subdir or "~/test" in
which case I exit with error.

If you don't create "test1" and file-subdir-of-p is unable to handle a
non--existing directory,I don't understand how you want to do.

It's so simple to do at start of function:

(file-subdir-of-p "~/test/test1" "~/test" 'noexist)

Where the NOEXIST arg allow file-subdir-of-p to bypass the
file-directory-p check (who will return nil on "test1").

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