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bug#21078: 24.5; Wish: Customize as a general-purpose configuration faci

From: Raffaele Ricciardi
Subject: bug#21078: 24.5; Wish: Customize as a general-purpose configuration facility
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 17:53:43 +0200
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On Fri, 17 Jul 2015 07:27:17 +0530
Vaidheeswaran C <address@hidden> wrote:
On Thursday 16 July 2015 11:48 PM, Raffaele Ricciardi wrote:

> the widget interface that Customize creates is tightly tied to
> `Custom-mode'.  Yet, the same interface could be useful to any
> package that requires users to perform some kind of complex
> configuration (for example: configuring a software project before
> compiling).

Do you want something more than what is documented in this node:

    (info "(eieio) Customizing")

No, I don't.  EIEIO is not a renowned package -- the Emacs Lisp
Reference mentions it only once cursorily, and it seems that only CEDET
uses it -- hence I hadn't looked into it.

EIEIO Custom Mode could look more similar to Custom Mode, but I infer
that these modes were written independently, hence achieving a similar
*look and feel* could require too much refactoring.  Anyway, it seems
that the lambdas inside `eieio-custom-object-apply-reset' could be
extracted as commands, so that users could bind them to keys.

Thanks for your assistance.

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