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bug#26537: Problems with Emacs frame (GTK)

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: bug#26537: Problems with Emacs frame (GTK)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2017 23:52:13 +0200
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In recent GTK builds of Emacs master I have issues with the frame with on GNU/Linux Mint 18.1 64bit.

I had installed the sr-speedbar package from MELPA and configured Emacs so that it opens a frame with a window for text of about 80 characters and a sr-speedbar window of about 30 characters (see the init.el file in the attachment, 80+30 = 110).

This worked fine (more or less) up to the builds I did on March 10 and 27 but not with the builds I did on April 14 an 16 (today).

More precisely...

Start Emacs-2017-03-10 [1] without desktop file. The result is in screen-no-desktop.png, and don't looks ok to me. Anyway, now visit a file. For example

  C-x C-f ~/report_bug.txt

and quit Emacs saving the desktop. Restart Emacs. It looks as expected (screen-with-desktop-OK.png)

  window      width 79 characters (from column 0 to 78)
  sr-speedbar width 27 characters

Repeat with Emacs-2017-03-27 [2]. Same results.

Now try with Emacs-2017-04-14 [3] or 2017-04-16 [4]. It doesn't look as expected (screen-with-desktop-NOT_OK.png)

  window      width 68 characters (from column 0 to 67)
  sr-speedbar width 38 characters

(Notice: 79+27 = 68+38 = 106). Whatever I try, the frame does not respect what is written in the init file.

Notice this problem occurs only with the (GTK) builds on GNU/Linux. It works as expected with Windows and OSX builds.


[1] 996fcc74a431e6db819dae1cfbc90ffdc15a222f
[2] 8ce827426e5400f2be80ae5d7394b74d8dd90373
[3] fc05d4fec98387097c30a5c60e2f343cb797af26
[4] 8d96feae07c618f591a952f8f10ae949735b4050

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