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bug#26066: 26.0.50; vc-git-status gives wrong result

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: bug#26066: 26.0.50; vc-git-status gives wrong result
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2017 18:28:04 -0400

> Subject: [PATCH] update vc-git
> ---

Could you add a meaningful commit message please?  See CONTRIBUTE (under
"Commit messages") for details of Emacs' standard format.

I think the patch is basically okay now, just a few minor nitpicks below.

> +(defun vc-git--git-status-to-vc-state (code-list)
> +  "Convert a list CODE-LIST of two-letter git status strings to a vc status.

This line is too long, I think it should be fine to shorten to just
"Convert CODE-LIST to a vc status".  You explain the format of
CODE-LIST in the next paragraph anyway.

> +Each element of CODE-LIST comes from the first two characters of
> +a line returned by 'git status' and should be passed in the order given by 
> 'git status'.

This paragraph looks unfilled, hit M-q on it.

> +       ;; I have only seen this with a file that is only present in the
> +       ;; index.  Let us call this `removed'

Missing period.

> +      (setq code-list
> +            (mapcar (lambda (s)
> +                      (substring s 0 2))
> +                    (delete "" (split-string status "\0"))))

If you pass a non-nil OMIT-NULLS parameter to split-string, the
(delete ""...) should become unnecessary.

> +      (vc-git--git-status-to-vc-state code-list))))

I would suggest dropping the temporary code-list variable here, and
just do

       (mapcar (lambda (s) (substring s 0 2))
               (split-string status "\0" t)))

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