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bug#28442: 26.0.50; [PATCH] Save and restore frame pixel size with deskt

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#28442: 26.0.50; [PATCH] Save and restore frame pixel size with desktop-save-mode
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2017 09:48:15 +0100

> How’s this?

Elegant, in particular the `frameset--restore-frame' part.  Eli will
decide whether we can put this on the release branch.  In either case
we'll have to wait until your paperwork is complete.  And please send
diffs as attachments, one of our MUAs has decided to truncate some of
the lines.

One thing I'm not yet sure about is how a user's setting of
`frame-resize-pixelwise' may affect restoring the desktop.  I'd be
reluctant to change that variable from within frameset or using
`desktop-after-read-hook' to set it (which might be too late anyway).

Note that some window managers may refuse to resize a frame to a
non-integral size unless the appropriate WM hints have been set as we do
in x_wm_set_size_hint in either xterm.c or gtkutil.c:

  size_hints.width_inc = frame_resize_pixelwise ? 1 : FRAME_COLUMN_WIDTH (f);
  size_hints.height_inc = frame_resize_pixelwise ? 1 : FRAME_LINE_HEIGHT (f);

Maybe we have to provide an additional frame parameter
'resize-pixelwise' which would override the global
`frame-resize-pixelwise' setting for that particular frame.  But let's
wait for such a thing until we see an urgent need for it.

Anyway, since I'm not using desktop please confirm the following: When
`desktop-read' runs and your init file contains a non-nil customization
for `frame-resize-pixelwise', the size hints are set correctly to 1 for
each frame restored.

Thank you very much, martin

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