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bug#32720: term-mode ignores certain window size changes

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#32720: term-mode ignores certain window size changes
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 18:30:09 +0100

> I tracked down my issue to this line in my configuration:
> I can see how it's related, since it's adding a
> window-configuration-change-hook, but I can't tell at a glance what's wrong
> with it. It's a function that tries to save the current window
> configuration to a variable each time it changes.


>>   > it complains about the minibuffer being active).

The error seems to come from this wg function:

(defun wg-error-on-active-minibuffer ()
  "Throw an error when the minibuffer is active."
  (when (active-minibuffer-window)
    (error "Workgroup operations aren't permitted while the \
minibuffer is active.")))

'window-configuration-change-hook' now conceptually runs after any
resize operation which includes states where the minibuffer window is
active.  FWIW the call sequence you encounter is

stash-my-working-config -> wg-make-wconfig -> wg-ewtree->wtree ->

so maybe you should not stash your working configuration when the
minibuffer is active.


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