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[Bug-gnu-radius] Patch proposal: usage of netmasks in naslist config fil

From: Maurice Makaay
Subject: [Bug-gnu-radius] Patch proposal: usage of netmasks in naslist config file
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 17:04:21 +0100


The naslist file can contain a "DEFAULT" entry, which will catch all
non matching NASes. This is quite handy, but we could use a bit more
control over grouping NASes. Our radius servers get requests from
a lot of different NASes, from different infrastructures. To keep the
radacct directory a bit clean, we use the nickname in the naslist to
structurize this directory (so radius requests from multiple NASses will
be logged in the same directory). However, there are so many NASes, that the
naslist file grows very large. Moreover, new NASses appear once in a while,
which means that we regularly have to add these to the naslist.

Using the attached patch, the naslist can contain not only IP-addresses but
also netmasks in CIDR notation (e.g. /32 or /24). This solves our problems.
The naslist is now very short and new NASses almost always appear in an
already defined subnet. An example naslist could be:       local           true  private-1       true  private-2       true     private-2       true   private-3       true  private-3       true

It would be great if this patch could be added to gnu-radius.


-- Maurice Makaay

P.S. The patch I sent earlier this day for SEGFAULTING on having no
     nastype in a naslist entry is also included in this patch.

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