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Re: [Bug-gnu-radius] missing .lo files

From: Maurice Makaay
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnu-radius] missing .lo files
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 10:25:06 +0100

Hi Sergey,

> > http://kod.inch.com/radius/lo_cause.txt
> Interesting. I seem to know where the problem is. I have just committed
> a fixed version of lib/Makefile.am. Could you give it a try, please?

I have synchronized to the latest CVS version and have tried compiling it.
I can now compile the lib directory without tampering with the Makefile.

Which brings me right to the next compilation problem (sorry ;-)

Making all in pam_radius
/bin/bash ../../libtool --mode=link gcc  -ggdb -DMAINTAINER_MODE    -o pam_radiu
s.la  -module -avoid-version -no-undefined -rpath /usr/local/gnu-radius-1.1/lib/
security  -Wl,-Bsymbolic pam_radius.lo -lpam ../../lib/librad.la ../../lib/libde
bug.la -lcrypt -lnsl -lsocket  -L/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql
gcc -shared -Wl,-h -Wl,pam_radius.so -o .libs/pam_radius.so  .libs/pam_radius.o 
-z allextract ../../lib/.libs/librad.a ../../lib/.libs/libdebug.a -z defaultextr
act  -lpam -L/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql -lcrypt -lnsl -lsocket -lc  -Wl,-Bsymbol
Text relocation remains                         referenced
    against symbol                  offset      in file
<unknown>                           0x1364      ../../lib/.libs/librad.a(client.
<unknown>                           0x1368      ../../lib/.libs/librad.a(client.
<unknown>                           0x136c      ../../lib/.libs/librad.a(client.
<unknown>                           0x1370      ../../lib/.libs/librad.a(client.
<unknown>                           0x1374      ../../lib/.libs/librad.a(client.
gettext                             0x1a04      ../../lib/.libs/librad.a(getopt.
gettext                             0x1afc      ../../lib/.libs/librad.a(getopt.
gettext                             0x1dc0      ../../lib/.libs/librad.a(getopt.
ld: fatal: relocations remain against allocatable but non-writable sections
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I haven't looked into it yet, but maybe you have an idea right away about
fixing this. I do not really use pam, so what I did to be able to compile
gnu-radius is simply remove "pam_radius" from "client/Makefile".

Further: I am curious about the status of some of the patches I sent in.
Could you tell me if the following patches are going to be included in 
gnu-radius? If not, I'll either have to keep patching gnu-radius with my
own patches (not preferred) or find another solution for the problems
the patches fix (like setting the uid/gid from a wrapper script):

* CVS-patch-dropprivileges      run-user patch
* CVS-patch-realms_nocase       realms are case-insensitive in the realms file
* CVS-patch-sqlconfig           sqlserver config reading improvements
                                (and SEGFAULT prevention on config errors)


-- Maurice Makaay

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