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Bad behaviour of config.guess from autoconf 2.13

From: Rik Rose
Subject: Bad behaviour of config.guess from autoconf 2.13
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 15:09:51 +0100 (BST)


This is not necessarily a *bug* per se, but config.guess will fail on
i[3456]86 Linux systems if they do the following steps:

1) Compile a new gcc (this happens with 2.95.2, so I assume with all prior
as well)
2) Uninstall the package your distribution came with
3) do a make install of the new gcc

Not an unreasonable thing to do, IMHO, but the problem is, that the
make install doesn't make a symlink to cc (why should it. it may not be
the only compiler there). Unfortunately, config.guess uses cc as the
compiler, which therefore might not necessarily be there.

There are 3 solutions to this.
1) Fallback to gcc if cc fails (a good idea, anyway, imho)
2) Report an ERROR when no cc can be found when needed
3) Get the gcc people to make the symlink if it doesnt' exist (I've
e-mailed them already).

As you may have guessed, this caused some concern when my host type
suddenly became unguessable from from completely standard...

Have fun,


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