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a minor typo in the tar documentation

From: Franz Kriftner
Subject: a minor typo in the tar documentation
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 21:15:29 +0200

File: tar.info,  Node: Basic tar,  Next: Advanced tar,  Up: operations

> `--list' (`-t')
>      GNU `tar' now shows dates
>      as `1996-11-09',
>      while it used to show them
>      as `Nov 11 1996'. 
should be `Nov 9 1996'

in my opinion it would be even better 
to choose a month in the range January...August
since September...December have very misleading names
(thanks to Pope Gregor
 who decided that the year should begin
 on the first of January
 instead of the first of March

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