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TAR bug - seen under Linux, several versions

From: DH127087
Subject: TAR bug - seen under Linux, several versions
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 19:57:44 -0400

Hello -

    there is a typical tar command which I have used for
    years under Solaris, NCR UNIX, and many other
    UNIX operating systems.

    tar -ft <filename>

    I just figured out today that the following command works:

    tar -t -f <filename>

    but this is very inconsistent with the normal syntax since
    the following also works under linux:

    tar -xvf <filename>
    tar -tf <filename>

    This problem has been dogging me for months and
    I never thought that merely reversing the options to
    make the "f" work at the end would work... or
    breaking out the switches to multiple "-" options.

    If you can please make the command line parser
    work in other directions (-ft as well as -tf), that
    would be great since it will help me out with a variety
    of programs that I will need to make sure work under
    Linux as well as other standard SVR4 systems.

            Dave Halko

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