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gettext.info suggestions

From: R Leigh
Subject: gettext.info suggestions
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 15:39:12 +0100
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As a new user of GNU gettext, I came accross the following deficiencies in
the info documentation.

LOCALEDIR, GNULOCALEDIR, etc. not specified in src/Makefile.in (as DEFS)
e.g. in my src/Makefile.am: 
DEFS = \
        @DEFS@ \
        -D_GNU_SOURCE \
        -DWD=\"$(pkgdatadir)\" \
        -DLOCALEDIR=\"$(localedir)\" \
        -DGNULOCALEDIR=\"$(gnulocaledir)\" \
IIRC, the info file mentions them briefly somewhere, but there is nothing
about it in the Maintainers section in the Makefile.am changes bit. There
is no example.

po/PACKAGE.pot is not mentioned (i.e. what it is, and how to create it
with xgettext).

Example use of xgettext is not mentioned
(e.g. xgettext --keyword='_' -s src/*.c).

I hope the suggestions are of some use (and not hopelessly incorrect!)

Roger Leigh

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