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Re: Fixes to build arc-elf32 binutils

From: Peter . Target
Subject: Re: Fixes to build arc-elf32 binutils
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 11:06:27 +0000


You might be interested to know that I'm trying to patch in a reasonable
amount of changes that have been made to the ARC port of binutils (based on
2.9.x). This all happened before I started GNU maintenence here, so I'm still
picking up the contributing process and internals of binutils - hence the
minor patch (below) to just ensure the current port builds.

I'm trying to ensure that everything is consistent in the source and
documentation. Also, to get Gas to build I had to make minor additions to
non-arc specific files (e.g gas/struc-symbol.h). Should I check/test the
patched version until I'm happy'ish, then make a patch and submit for



                    Nick Clifton                                                
                    <address@hidden        To:     address@hidden               
                    .com>                cc:     address@hidden                 
                                         Subject:     Re: Fixes to build 
arc-elf32 binutils                                                   
                    12:07 AM                                                    

Hi Peter,

: 2000-11-07  Peter Targett  <address@hidden>
:          * gas/config/tc-arc.h: Avoid warnings for LITTLE_ENDIAN and
:          BIG_ENDIAN macros.
:          * gas/config/tc-arc.c: Use S_IS_LOCAL to test local symbols.

Approved and applied.


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