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--delete for multi-volume archive dumps core

From: Paul Lilley
Subject: --delete for multi-volume archive dumps core
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 18:13:26 +0000 (GMT)

Hello All,

I have a problem with the -M multi-volume option in
that it dumps core when attempting to --delete a
member from one of the volumes (the volumes are
written to files on the hdd not to a tape).  The
member in question is does not fall across 2 volumes
so I only specify the required volume with -f.

If I specify all the volumes with multiple -f 
options, I get the a request for a 5th volume (there
are only 4 & the member in question is in the 1st) and
one of the volumes (apparently at random) is

tar -Mvf test0001.tar --delete
usr/src/openssh-2.9p2/sshtty.o  -f test0002.tar
-f test0003.tar -f test0004.tar
tar: Skipping to next header
tar: Skipping to next header
tar: Skipping to next header
Prepare volume #5 for `test0001.tar' and hit return:
tar: usr/src/openssh-2.9p2/sshtty.o: Not found in
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

The tar version is
tar (GNU tar) 1.13.19 (as supplied in Redhat 7.1)

Many thanks,

PS.  What I am trying to achieve is to avoid having a
file split between 2 volumes of a multi-volume set. So
what I thought I'd do is to create the multi-volume
set, remove the members that are split between volumes
and add them into the final volume.
If there is a better approach, I'd love to be
enlightened :-)

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