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Re: emacs-21, screen, viper mode, ESC key delay

From: John E Hein
Subject: Re: emacs-21, screen, viper mode, ESC key delay
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 08:28:24 -0700

Michael Schroeder wrote at 10:56 +0100 on Dec 18:
 > Screen also has an esc-timeout, because it hasto detect function key
 > and cursor key codes. See the "maptimeout" command in the screen
 > manual.

Thanks.  Setting maptimeout to 0 did the trick and function
 keys still work fine (under xterm... a dumb terminal would
 probably have issues I'd guess).

This doesn't explain why I had no such delay symptoms in emacs-20.7 -
 even when maptimeout was set to 300ms and viper-ESC-keyseq-timeout was
 set to 200ms.  But that's probably a question for the emacs/viper folk.

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