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Sendmail 8.10.2 Problem

From: Lai Kam Seong - ABS
Subject: Sendmail 8.10.2 Problem
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 12:17:10 +0800


I have some problem in setting up the mailing system which using the
sendmail ver 8.10.2.
Two mail servers are located in private network which running the Sun
Solaris 8. These two mail servers are receiving the different incoming
zone of mails.
And the mail relay is located in DMZ zone.
Questions :
1. Do i need to setup up internal NIS for the Sun machines?
2. What are the procedures needed in the mail relay as well as mail
3. Do i necessary need the mail relay or i can configure it into
individual mail server?

At last, thanks for everyone who looks into my problems and giving
advises and solutions to me.
Thanks alot.

Lai Kam Seong

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