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Re: Small problems with gettext 0.11 on Solaris

From: Drazen Kacar
Subject: Re: Small problems with gettext 0.11 on Solaris
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 16:09:21 +0100

Bruno Haible wrote:
> Drazen Kacar writes:

> > Upon investigation in the debugger, I've found that the attempted
> > conversion was from UTF-8 to UTF-8.
> Why not?

That's fine, I was just not expecting it.

> > Solaris iconv_open() will indeed return an error if one attempts
> > this.
> I'd send a bug report to the Sun people.

Ho-hum. I suppose I could, but I think I can fix the problem faster
than they would. BTW, you might want to go to http://docs.sun.com, click
on Solaris 9 early access documentation and take a look at the man pages
for gettext() and friends.

> > but I'm wondering if you would be interested in checking for this case in
> > the gettext code (function po_lex_charset_set in po-charset.c printed the
> > warning). There isn't much point in the overhead caused by unnecessary
> > calling iconv() in this case.
> The point is verifying that the input is indeed well-formed UTF-8.

Ah. I don't think they do that for any conversion if the sample sources
in /usr/lib/iconv/geniconvtbl/srcs are what's actually used. But that
would be contrary to their own man page, never mind the standards.

Hm. In case the input is not a valid UTF-8, I suppose I should return

> > The second problem is that msgconv-1 invoked abort() in msgconv utility,
> > but that looks like a Solaris bug.
> Yes, I saw this as well. IIRC, Solaris iconv() returns success, and
> increments the input pointers, but not the output pointers.


> The mcomm-test4.in2 file has no header entry with charset
> specification and is therefore assumed to be in ASCII.

OK, that's reasonable.

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