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(no subject)

From: Charles_Triemstra
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 08:15:50 -0500


I'm reporting a bug in the assembler.  I accidently put the same label, one
after the other in the source file.  The assembler did not complain
about the duplicate name, and all labels following became static in scope
instead of global.

The attach file is a tar ball make the creates the problem.  The c code
program references an array called 'CrcTable'.  The table is defined
in the assembler program.  Please note that I didn't bother to ensure that
the example would build correctly without the duplicate label.

I'd think the fix is to generate an error message if there is a duplicate

The tool chain is version 98r2,running on a Windows machine, cross
compiling for a powerpc processor.


(See attached file: dupLabel.tar)

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