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Attachments Deleted by MailScan!

From: postmaster
Subject: Attachments Deleted by MailScan!
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 01:06:47 +0200


The attachment(s) that came with the following mail received
by you was deleted by MailScan.

They were not allowed to pass through the Mail-Server.  Please
contact your Systems Administrator to get more details.

The Mail came from    : address@hidden
The Mail recipient    : address@hidden
Subject of the Mail   : A  funny website
Message-ID            : 

The following attachments were deleted:
Attachment: 32284252.HTM <Removed because Script-Enabling Tag "IFRAME" found>

Use  MailScan on  your  EMail Servers  for maximum protection
from Internet-borne viruses.

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