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Re: sparc-lp64: stab section entsize wrong

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: sparc-lp64: stab section entsize wrong
Date: 03 Jul 2002 14:54:59 +0100
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Hi Marco,

> The subject says it all.  Gas out of binutils-2.12.1 produces an 
> sh_entsize of 0x14 for the .stab section when building a 64bit
> object.  But the stab entries are still 12 (0x0c) bytes long even for
> 64bit objects.

Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention.

> The following patch is my fix for that problem. (It might be wrong
> for other architectures as well?):

It appears at the moment that the Sparc is the only 64-bit
architecture using STABS, so this may well be a sparc specific
problem.  In which case the problem should be fixed in a sparc
specific file (elf64-sparc.c) and not the generic file elf.c.  Would
you care to have a look at patching the elf64-sparc.c file instead ?


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