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question re: intl/ dir

From: Thomas Vander Stichele
Subject: question re: intl/ dir
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 16:35:24 +0200 (CEST)


I was looking for the names of the current gettext maintainers, but 
couldn't make sure I have the right ones.  If I'm correct, Ulrich should 
be the original author, and Bruno is the most recent maintainer ?

I have a very simple request.  The Gnome project has a "glib-gettextize" 
program which does exactly the same as gettextize, except for creating the 
intl/ dir.

If I understand the situation correctly, the intl/ dir contains all of the 
stuff needed to get i18n working on systems that don't have libintl 

Now, since all of Gnome depends on Glib, and Glib already enforces libintl 
to be installed, it is unnecessary for any Gnome (or even GLib-using) 
project to have the intl/ dir generated.

Would a patch be accepted that would implement a --nointl option for 
gettextize ?

If so, would this warrant a release, and if not, when is a new release of 
gettext planned ?



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