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grep potential bug in compression lib

From: Cyril Chaboisseau
Subject: grep potential bug in compression lib
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 17:05:05 +0100
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there might be a small bug in the zgrep (or grep -z) command :

let's say I have a (or more ) file(s) and I want to number each line so
I use the -n switch and a blank pattern in order to match all lines :
(don't ask me why I don't use the 'nl' command)

$ zgrep -n "" file.gz

[...nothing happen]

and if I use the -z switch instead of the zgrep command

$ grep -zn "" file.gz

but if I use another pattern (like '.*') it works a little bit better :

$ zgrep -n '.*' file.gz

(and the exact same result as before is given with grep -z)

I know that I use the command in a strange way but still, if it works
with the file in an uncompressed form, maybe there is a bug in the way
both zgrep or the -z switch are called

thank you

        Cyril Chaboisseau

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