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Re: grep 2.5 test failures on HP-UX 11.00

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: grep 2.5 test failures on HP-UX 11.00
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 13:55:42 +0100

   address@hidden@pne /tk/users/pne/tmp/install/grep-2.5 > \
   > echo '{' | { src/grep -e '\{' > /dev/null 2>&1; echo $? ; }

Interesting, yesterday I could have sworn that I got an exit status of
zero.  Anyway, the error is obvious.  The testcase should look like

echo '{' | { src/grep -e '{' > /dev/null 2>&1; echo $? ; }

Note the deleted "\"!  This should work like expected (I hope).

   Yet they succeed (or does the script stop at the first error?). At
   any rate, that's the only test that gives me error output.

AFAIK the script stops running after the first encountered failure.

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