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RE: grep -r problem

From: KOYLE,RUSS (HP-Boise,ex1)
Subject: RE: grep -r problem
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 10:30:07 -0400

Thanks everyone for the answer, it was kinda embedded in the family reunion
chit-chat but appreciated and helpful just the same.

Sure seems like it would be easier to have it look for just *.c files
regardless of the direction (still recursing) and avoid the use of the extra

See ya,

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Subject: Re: grep -r problem

    >   find -name *.c | xargs grep void

    Let me take exception to not quoting the *.c in the above.  If there

True enough, I meant to say `find *.c | xargs grep void' :).

    "Back in the day" you could rely upon the fact that people never put
    funny characters in file names.

True enough, I was/am relying on that fact.  Heck, the Unixy distributions I
tend to grep don't put spaces in their filenames ...

    my best to retrain myself to think of every filename as being
    potentially hostile toward me.

I understand, but how sad.  I like to think of filenames as my friends,
there is too much hostility in the world already :).

karl (just another swimming submarine)

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