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Re: bug in GNU Gettext

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: bug in GNU Gettext
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 18:56:12 +0200
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Steven Augart wrote:
> GNU Gettext 0.12.1 fails to build under
>     GNU ld version 20020207
> On a guess (the original message was from /bin/ld), I just installed
> GNU binutils (with --disable-nls) getting:
>      GNU ld version 2.14 20030612
> and now the build completes.
> I'm not sure what version of ld you require (obviously later than
> 0.12.1), but I think this fact should be documented in the
> installation instructions or in the README.

Without knowing the error that 'ld' gave, nor the system on which you had
this error, nor the reason why a particular version of 'ld' should be
avoided, I can't put real info into a README. It just seems to me that
you were unlucky enough with a particular GNU ld snapshot. That happens.
GNU gettext is not too demanding w.r.t. the linker: all it does is to
create shared libraries with dependencies, and pretty much every version
of GNU ld can do so on ELF systems.


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