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(no subject)

From: Cobby Drost
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 01:48:44 -0400

I am looking for freelance Web Design work. I have no preference 
in who or what I'm asked to do. 

I do cold fusion, HTML, Dhtml, Flash, CGI - Perl, ASP, JavaScript

I will setup a new site for you or I will clean up and upgrade the site
you have now.

Need a script set in. I can do it for you affordably. Need a message board
Ecommerce package? Im here to help. I even have one that works with paypal.

Need a upgrade or portal website etc, Im here. I can set In virtually any
type of enhancement. 

I also do Search engine submissions, Site optimization etc.

Mpeg 1-4 Mastering, Audio Mastering, Real Audio and Video conversion
Windows Media wmv and wma, QuickTime etc.

I can host your site for 9.95 a month and up. With full cpanel support

I can also train you in most all web design aspects. 

I do Computer and Network Consulting, with a strong background 
in analog and digital quality assurance in both audio and video.

My hourly rate starts at $6.00 an Hr and up depending on the project. You
have a low budget, I will work with you. Need a site and can only afford a
site on payments, Contact me we can work something out. Barter etc accepted.

I will do a free consultation, and ill do a free design page for you to
show you my skills and abilities for the project.

Over 12 Years in the industry

You May Contact me at address@hidden

Instant Messengers

Aim: cobbydrost12
Msn: address@hidden
Yahoo: address@hidden
ICQ: 23787989

Hope to hear from you soon

Best Regards
Cobby Drost

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