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gettextize mutating auto{conf,make} files

From: John Darrington
Subject: gettextize mutating auto{conf,make} files
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 17:07:42 +0800
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If gettextize is allowed to run multiple times in the same source
tree, then it makes makefile.am and autoconf.ac break.  It adds things
even if they're already present.  So Makefile.am ends up looking like

SUBDIRS= intl m4  intl m4  intl m4  intl m4  intl m4  intl m4

EXTRA_DIST= config.rpath mkinstalldirs  config.rpath mkinstalldirs  
 mkinstalldirs  config.rpath mkinstalldir

and autoconf.ac as

AC_OUTPUT(po/Makefile.in m4/Makefile intl/Makefile po/Makefile.in
m4/Makefile intl/Makefile po/Makefile.in m4/Makefile intl/Makefile )

The automake developers consider this to be a bug in gettext.  So do
I.  Could gettextize be made to leave files alone if they already
contain the necessary information ??


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