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[Enhancement request] "cmp" (cmp (GNU diffutils) 2.8.4)

From: R, Nandakumar
Subject: [Enhancement request] "cmp" (cmp (GNU diffutils) 2.8.4)
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 15:51:23 +0530

I use GNU software a lot, in my work as well as personal projects. I
have an enhancement request for the popular utility "cmp". It will be
great to have an option to ignore all the differences below certain
threshold when using "cmp -l". 
For example, "cmp -l -t 2" may show me only 'differences above 2'. ("t"
stands for threshold). 
thanks a lot for all the great tools you guys distribute...
best regards,
Nandakumar Raghavan
Multimedia Codecs
Texas Instruments India
Bangalore - 560 017
eMail: nand nand nand at at at ti ti ti dot dot dot com
<mailto:address@hidden>  com com

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