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Re: gettext version-numbering problems in Bison (+ Bison patch)

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: gettext version-numbering problems in Bison (+ Bison patch)
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 14:46:51 +0200
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Alexandre Duret-Lutz <address@hidden> writes:

>>>> "Paul" == Paul Eggert <address@hidden> writes:
>  Paul> * Currently autopoint greps configure.ac for lines; I guess it should
>  Paul> be tracing instead.  I can't put the AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION line in
>  Paul> an M4 macro in m4/something.m4, for example.  (I tried this as my
>  Paul> first workaround attempt.)
> Unfortunately you cannot trace until aclocal has run, and
> presently gettextize/autopoint need to run before aclocal to
> install the m4 files.

aclocal is already rerun after libtoolize to possibly pick up new macros,
why can't this work with autopoint? I.e., run aclocal, then trace for
gettext and libtool macros and run autopoint and libtoolize as needed,
then rerun aclocal.


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