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multiple destructors - which gets linked in?

From: Andy Green
Subject: multiple destructors - which gets linked in?
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 15:41:25 +0100
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Not a bug report, but a question. In the class hierarchy below, if I compile to intermediate (assembler) files, I can see multiple destructors for base and derived, e.g. DerivedD0Ev, DerivedD1Ev, DerivedD2Ev, and multiple instantiations of each in different compilation units.

class Base
    // a few methods

    virtual ~Base();

class Derived : public Base
    // a few more methods, some overridden
    // DESTRUCTOR NOT OVERRIDDEN - let compiler generate it

class ReallyDerived : public Derived
    // again, just use the compiler-generated destructor

I need to know which instance of DerivedD2Ev gets linked into the final executable (don't ask why...), so I modified the assembler files and continued the build. However my modifications (inserted instructions) never make it into the final build. If I modify any other function, I see my changes appear in the binary, but not these destructors.

Interestingly, there is no instance of it in Derived.S, just in ReallyDerived.S and in another file which references it. I guess there must be another instantiation of DerivedD2 somewhere, but I can't find it. Can anyone suggest what is going on?

[We're using arm-elf-g++ 3.2 and arm-elf-ld version 2.13]

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