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Tar extraction: Member name contains `..'

From: Fred Ma
Subject: Tar extraction: Member name contains `..'
Date: 18 Jul 2004 22:33:27 GMT

I've been googling and google-grouping the gnu tar problem 
where file extraction generates the error message:

   Member name contains `..'

It seems like one can capture files with paths having "..", but not
extract them.  I am using version 1.13.25 on Cygwin, but this problem
seems to be many years old, and span many target OS's.  I haven't been
able to find a solution, short of editing the tar file with vim.  Has
there been a solution?  I would have thought that a reasonable
behaviour would be one of the following:

   1. Explicitly disallow the inclusion of such files in the tar file
      through the use of an informative error message, and don't
      bother using up the bytes to embed such a file in the tar
      archive (since it can't be retrieved anyway).

   2. Allow the inclusion of such files with a warning.  Warn of the
      presence of such files in the extraction, and do not extract
      them by default.  But do allow this default to be overridden.

Fred Ma
Dept. of Electronics, Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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