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bug in grep handling [^^] (not caret) character class

From: Ivan Heffner
Subject: bug in grep handling [^^] (not caret) character class
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 14:35:39 -0700

grep (v2.4.2) appears to have a problem trying to match [^^].

If I have a file foo.txt that contains lines with a single character on
each line, I should be able to find all lines that do not contain a
caret by doing
   grep '^[^^]$' foo.txt
This command returns lines that contain a single caret.  In fact, if I
have all alpha-numeric and standard US symbols by them selves on
different lines, this grep will only return 
$ grep '^[^^]$' foo.txt
Ivan Heffner

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