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Fwd: Retrieve and In Bug?

From: Gerrit Riessen
Subject: Fwd: Retrieve and In Bug?
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 12:02:13 +0200

I am sorry ... i just RTFM:
A reference to an array element that has no recorded value yields a value of 
"", the null string.
This includes elements that have not been assigned any value as well as 
elements that have been
deleted (see Section 7.6 [The delete Statement], page 108). Such a reference 
creates that array element, with the null string as its value. (In some cases, 
this is unfortunate,
because it might waste memory inside awk.)

Sorry to have wasted your time!

Regards, Gerrit

> Hello,
> I might have found a bug in the handling values that are not
> defined in arrays.
> Basically what I do is attempt to retrieve a value that is not
> defined as an index in an array, i.e. value = array[index]. This causes
> if the index is not defined, i.e. (index in array) returns 0, to define
> the index, i.e. (index in array) returns 1 after calling value = array[index].
> I've tested this on GNU/Linux with Gawk 3.1.0 and on Win2000 with
> Gawk 3.1.3. I've also included the test program.
> Cheers, Gerrit

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