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Re: ngettext() not enough?

From: John.Cowan
Subject: Re: ngettext() not enough?
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 14:27:28 -0400
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Bruno Haible scripsit:

> In my limited experience with Western-European languages, no distinction
> is made between singular and plural when a floating-point value is used.
> For example,
>    The temperature rose by 6.0 degrees.
>    The temperature rose by 1.03 degrees.
>    The temperature rose by 0.2 degrees.
> In other words, in those cases where a singular/plural distinction is made,
> the quantity is an integer.

I consider "The temperature rose by 1.0 degrees" to violate
the Sprachgefuehl of English speakers; "1.0 degree" outnumbers "1.0 degrees"
by 2.4 to 1 on Google, though some of these hits are spurious.

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