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unable to build under win32

From: Elio Blanca
Subject: unable to build under win32
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 10:47:04 +0200
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I tried to build gettext 0.14.5 under win32 with msys-1.0.10+mingw-3.4.2 but something went wrong. First of all, many c modules in the directory gettext-tools/src need the library libmsvcp60.a and i had to add it manually in each line (i added "/path/to/lib/libmsvcp60.a"): this way many of them compiled successfully. After this, in the same directory, the file msginit.c failed to compile because it uses the macro LC_MESSAGES. The win32 environment doesn't define it and the configure script was able to detect this, but the module does not check the macro status (was defined / wasn't defined) so it's not capable of turning its use on or off. This time i was unable to go on with the build.
I hope this report will be useful to fix these bugs.
Thank you in advance,

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