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help about merging gnulib/autoconf/automake/libintl

From: Claudio Fontana
Subject: help about merging gnulib/autoconf/automake/libintl
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 02:49:43 -0700 (PDT)


I am looking for information about the Right Way(from
now on RW) to merge gnulib/autoconf/automake/libintl .

While upgrading the id-utils build system with latest
gnulib modules I faced following problems:

1) I use gl_EARLY, gl_SOURCE_BASE, gl_M4_BASE, gl_LIB,
gl_MODULES, gl_INIT in configure.ac . However it seems
to me that the system is always building all the
modules, even though no replacements are needed. Is
this normal?

2) I have the gettext module among the others, so I
include gettext.h instead of libintl.h .
However, gettext.h includes <libintl.h>, and this
creates a problem when building on systems that miss
that header. I mean, I have it in my replacement
but being lib/* autogenerated I cannot (well should
not) edit lib/Makefile.am by hand to add the directory
to the flags. I solved by appending to CFLAGS during

ALL_LINGUAS="de fr nl pl"

if test "x$USE_INCLUDED_LIBINTL" = "xyes"; then
  CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -I ../intl"

but..is it the RW?

3) In the manual, the AM_GNU_GETTEXT macro is said to
be followed by LIBS = @LIBINTL@ @LIBS@ in Makefile.in.
But with automake? I added it using LDADD, so it
should recognize the dependency. Is this the RW? 

Please, send me links to any tutorial about
gnulib/gettext I might not have found yet (I only read
the manuals).


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