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ambigious ++ expression silently accepted

From: Ronny Akkersdijk
Subject: ambigious ++ expression silently accepted
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 19:23:20 +0100

I found something which may have to be classified as a bug.

gawk version 3.1.4 (Fedora 4 distro on intel x86)
Sorry, the 3.1.5 rpm for FC doesn't seem to exist yet.

Some of my students wrote "{ foo++bar }" which is ambigious;
Either: post-increment foo and concatenate with bar
or: concatenate foo with pre-increment bar.
I would expect gawk to complain, but it does not 8-)
If you change it into "{ print foo++bar }"
you can see version 3.1.4 uses the first interpretation
but whether by accident or by intention is unclear ;-)


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