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Beta release of gawk 3.1.6 now available

From: Aharon Robbins
Subject: Beta release of gawk 3.1.6 now available
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 15:53:26 +0300 (IDT)

This note is to announce the first BETA release of patch 6 to version
3.1 of gawk.

It is available from:


and from:


Overall, this release fixes a number of bugs, as well as offering upgrades
to various infrastructure technologies, such as bison, autoconf, and
so on.  The list of changes from the NEWS file is appended, below.

As far as I can tell, the documentation and code have both hit the
freeze point.

So, why do a beta release? So that you, yes you, the end user, can see
if anything I've done breaks gawk for you.  Then you can TELL ME ABOUT
IT so that I can fix it for the final release.


Arnold Robbins
Changes from 3.1.5 to 3.1.6

1. `gawk 'program' /non/existant/file' no longer core dumps.

2. Too many people the world over have complained about gawk's use of the
   locale's decimal point for parsing input data instead of the traditional
   period.  So, even though gawk was being nicely standards-compliant, in
   a Triumph For The Users, gawk now only uses the locale's decimal point
   if --posix is supplied or if POSIXLY_CORRECT is set.  It is the sincere
   hope that this change will eliminate this FAQ from being asked.

3. `gawk -v BINMODE=1 ...' works again.

4. Internal file names like `/dev/user' now work again.

5. Problems with wide strings on non "C" locales have been straightened
   out everywhere.  (At least, we think so.)

6. Use of `ansi2knr' is no longer supported. Please use an ANSI C compiler.

7. Updated to Autoconf 2.61, Automake 1.10, and Gettext 0.16.1.

8. The getopt* and regex* files were synchronized with current GLIBC CVS.
   See the ChangeLog for the versions and minor edits made.

9. There are additional --lint-old warnings.

10. Gawk now uses getaddrinfo(3) to look up names and IP addresses. This
    allows the use of an IPv6 format address and paves the way for
    eventual addition of `/inet6/...' and `/inet4/...' hostnames.

11. We believe gawk to now be valgrind clean. At least when run against
    the test suite.

12. A number of issues dealing with the formatting and printing of very
    large numbers in integer formats have been dealt with and fixed.

13. Gawk now converts "+inf", "-inf", "+nan" and "-nan" into the corresponding
    magic IEEE floating point values. Only those strings (case independent)
    work.  With --posix, gawk calls the system strtod directly. You asked
    for it, you got it, you deal with it.

14. Defining YYDEBUG enables the -D command line option.

15. Gawk should now work out of the box on Tandem NSK/OSS systems.

16. Lint messages rationalized: many more of the messages are now printed
    only once, instead of every time they are encountered.

17. The strftime() function now accepts an optional third argument, which
    if non-zero or non-null, indicates that the time should be formatted
    as UTC instead of as local time.

18. The precedence of concatenation and `| getline' (in something like
    "echo " "date" | getline stuff) has been reverted to earlier the
    behavior and now once again matches Unix awk.

19. New configure time flag --disable-directories-fatal which causes
    gawk to silently skip directories on the command line.  This behavior
    is also enabled for --traditional, since it's what Unix awk does.

xx. Various bugs fixed, see the ChangeLog for details.
Aharon (Arnold) Robbins --- Pioneer Consulting Ltd.     arnold AT skeeve DOT com
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