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Re: [Bug+Patch] po_lex_iconv & no HAVE_ICONV

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [Bug+Patch] po_lex_iconv & no HAVE_ICONV
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 01:51:44 +0200
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Marko Lindqvist wrote:
>  All the other references to po_lex_iconv are guarded by HAVE_ICONV,
> but one in woe32dll/gettextsrc-exports.c is not. So it tries to export
> non-existent symbol.
>  Trivial patch attached.

> @@ -66,7 +66,9 @@
>  VARIABLE(po_error_at_line)
>  VARIABLE(po_gram_lval)
>  VARIABLE(po_lex_charset)
>  VARIABLE(po_lex_iconv)
> +#endif
>  VARIABLE(po_lex_weird_cjk)
>  VARIABLE(po_multiline_error)
>  VARIABLE(po_multiline_warning)

Thanks for the patch, but it is incorrect: <config.h> is not included in
this compilation unit, therefore the #if HAVE_ICONV is in fact equivalent to
a #if 0, and will make the compiles _with_ iconv break.

Also, it is simply not supported to build gettext without iconv support on
Woe32. Sorry, the doc was not clear about it. I'm adding this paragraph to
the README.woe32. Thanks for reporting it.

*** README.woe32        17 Oct 2007 19:11:47 -0000      1.12
--- README.woe32        22 May 2008 23:49:17 -0000
*** 32,34 ****
--- 32,40 ----
  The -I and -L option are so that packages previously built for the
  same environment are found. The --host option tells the various
  tools that you are building for mingw, not cygwin.
+ Dependencies:
+ This package depends on GNU libiconv. (See the file DEPENDENCIES.) Before
+ building this package, you need to build GNU libiconv, in the same development
+ environment, with the same configure options, and install it ("make install").

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