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Re: gettext 0.18 creating po/Makefile.in.in with wrong GETTEXT_MACRO_VER

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: gettext 0.18 creating po/Makefile.in.in with wrong GETTEXT_MACRO_VERSION
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 13:23:00 +0200
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David Bruce wrote:
> I removed the old Makefile.in.in and re-ran autopoint, and
> the version in the newly copied Makefile.in.in is 0.17.

The reason must be that in your configure.ac or subordinate .m4 file,
you have a declaration

If you want to update your macros and po/Makefile.in.in to version 0.18.1
the recommended way to do so is by use of the 'gettextize' program.

Recall the different purposes of these programs:

* autopoint
  Copies the gettext infrastructure that has been omitted from version

* gettextize
   The `gettextize' program is an interactive tool that helps the
   maintainer of a package internationalized through GNU `gettext'. ...
   As a migration tool, for upgrading the GNU `gettext' support in a
   package from a previous to a newer version of GNU `gettext'.


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