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Re: Bug in awk 3.1.6?

From: Aharon Robbins
Subject: Re: Bug in awk 3.1.6?
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 20:04:35 +0200

Indeed - this is most likely the case. iconv is one solution,

        export LC_ALL=C

is another.


In article <address@hidden> you write:
>On 29/10/2010 19:44, Alan Robinson wrote:
>> Hi
>> If a string contains a pound sign - \243 - in 3.1.6 the length
>>function only returns the value up to the pound character, not the whole
>>string. This works fine in 3.1.4. This is a standard suse linux 11.1
>Is there a mismatch between your locale and the encoding of the data 
>file? Some time ago, I had a similar experience and Arnold wrote:
> > The problem stems essentially from the fact that you
> > have ISO-8859 data in a UTF-8 locale.  (...)
> > If you can move to an ISO locale, things would likely work correctly.
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