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lib-link.m4 on OpenBSD or MirBSD

From: Benny Siegert
Subject: lib-link.m4 on OpenBSD or MirBSD
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 18:13:22 +0100


I have a question regarding the lib-link.m4 macro collection provided
by newer GNU gettext versions. First, correct me if I am wrong, but
from what I gathered, the macros work like this: they get some
variables, like $shlibext, from config.rpath; then they look at
whether lib$name.$shlibext, lib$name.la or lib$name.a exist _as
regular files_ and link directly against the found filename.

Has any of this been tested on OpenBSD or MirBSD? At least if the
package is not using libtool (as bash-4.1 is) and relies on the .so,
this approach is fundamentally wrong on these operating systems.

On OpenBSD and MirOS (where shlibext=so), shared libraries either have
the .so extension (if they do not carry a version) or a
.so.$major.$minor _without_ symlinks. For example, MirOS-current has:

$ ls /usr/lib/libc.*
/usr/lib/libc.a        /usr/lib/libc.so.41.9

With the current lib-link.m4, only the .a is found, so the program is
linked against static libraries. Worse, I don't see an easy way to
handle this case using the existing code. You would have to glob for a
name matching the pattern and select the one with the largest major
and/or minor. Or, which would be the preferred approach, you could do
something like AC_TRY_LINK with "-L$libdir -l$libname" as additional
LDFLAGS. In this case, the linker does the above for you.

Any idea on how to fix this now? I do not understand the code enough
to patch this. Help would be very much appreciated.


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