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Re: Case insensitivity seems to ignore lower bound of interval

From: Davide Brini
Subject: Re: Case insensitivity seems to ignore lower bound of interval
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 11:00:33 +0100

On Thu, 28 Apr 2011 11:54:15 +0200 Eric Bischoff <address@hidden>

> Le jeudi 28 avril 2011 10:28:01, address@hidden a écrit :
> > > Then it's using strcmp() that is plain wrong :-(.
> > 
> > Gawk does not use strcmp() for regex matching. (You may not have been
> > saying that it did, I admit.)
> > 
> > The issue is indeed as described in the previous mails, and the
> > development version of the gawk doc explains these issues considerably
> > better.
> >
> > I recommend checking out a copy from the git repo on savannah.gnu.org
> > and reviewing the doc; I will welcome feedback on it!
> Although it is nice to have accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date 
> documentation, I don't think this is a documentation issue. Sorry if I
> sound stubborn, but I still think this is simply a bug ;-).

> At this point, my personal opinion is that all intervals are simply
> unusable with gawk, as they gives results that are both unpredictable and
> counter-intuitive with any locale other than "C".

You seem to think this is gawk-specific, but in fact any locale-aware tool
that uses regular expressions behaves the same (try eg with sed or grep).


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