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[Bug-gnu3dkit] virtual office

From: Zsoft
Subject: [Bug-gnu3dkit] virtual office
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 17:06:08 +0800

Are you planning to sell products in China?  We can help you to set up a 
virtual representative and marketing your products at NO risk.

1.      With the largest population and fast growing economy, China is becoming 
the largest emerging consumer market in the world.  
2.      Many large renowned companies, including Wal-Mart, GM, P&G, Johnson & 
Johnson etc. have entered China and are continuing profit from the lucrative 

Accessing this market, are you ready?  Don't miss the opportunities.

The common idea of starting business in China may be setting up an office and 
hiring employees or contracting agents. But this comes with risks: 
1)      Chinese has unique oriental culture, not every product selling well in 
the rest of the world will have a market in China.
2)      People have a different way of doing business. 
3)      Chinese government regulations and legal systems are totally 

You may end up paying expensive office rents and expenditures, messing up with 
agency problems, and confused with culture issues before you get a clue on how 
to do business in China. Our virtual representative is a smart choice with low 
cost and no risk.  

What we can do for you: 
1) Provide telephone number in China, answer calls, translate and forward fax. 
2) Provide business address and fax number of your China representative for 
your business cards and letterheads. 
3) Provide email accounts; translate emails and forward questions and answers
4) Packaging design, flyer design and website layout design 
5) Provide market research, such as industry structure, market players, price, 
intermediaries, and target customer analysis. 
6) Make suggestions in advertising on industry magazines or related websites. 
7) Set up an on-line storefront, a personalized website in Chinese Language and 
host in China (Remember that hosting outside China may not be freely accessed 
due to China's information control.)
8) We also have a lot of valuable travel advices if you want to meet your 
partner in China at some point.

Sell your product to China before your competitors do!For details, please visit 


Lily Tang

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