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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Re: compiling gnubg for windows (fwd)

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Re: compiling gnubg for windows (fwd)
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 10:33:13 +0000
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On Sun, Jul 21, 2002 at 09:42:47AM +0200, address@hidden wrote:
> Hi,
> I succeeded in compiling just now. You might be interested in how, as I
> actually have found my own way.

Good to hear!

> For future reference here is a self-contained recipe that worked for me
> on windoze-me:
> =============================================================
> I am using cygwin and run everything in tcsh shell.
> download (except makefile) what is suggested on
> http://mole.dnsalias.org/~acepoint/GnuBG/faq.html#SEC17
> and also libintl pkg-config from the same place as glib.
> Install gcc in c:/gcc and everything else in c:/gtk
> Add C:/gcc/bin and c:/gtk/bin to path (in autoexec.bat)
> Get gnubg from CVS.
> Copy .dlls into gnubg directory:
> $ cp c:/gtk/lib/libglib-2.0-0.dll .
> $ cp c:/gtk/lib/libint-1.dll .
> $ cp c:/gtk/lib/iconv.dll .
> Run configure as follows:
> $ sh configure --disable-nls --with-gtk --disable-gtktest 
> --with-gtk-prefix="c:/gtk"

Just to ask: which sh runs this configure script? The sh from cygwin?
Do you type this in the cygwin terminal or at a dos prompt?  

> Manually edit generated Makefile:
> Add to INCLUDE:
> -IC:/gtk/include/glib-2.0/ -IC:/gtk/include/gtk -IC:/gtk/include/ 
> -IC:/gtk/lib/glib-2.0/include/ -IC:/gtk/lib/gtk+/include/
> Add to COMMON_LIBS: -Lc:/gtk/lib -lgtk -lgdk  -lglib-2.0
> Add to CFLAGS:
> -fnative-struct
> $ make
> Then copy new gnubg.exe into my old gnubg directory and it runs fine.
> =============================================================

Is it the mingw compiler that makes the code or the cygwin compiler?
What happen if you type:
objdump -p gnubg.exe | grep dll

The gtk libraries is based on mscv runtimes, and not the cygwin runtimes.
It's therefore a bad idea to have a exe generated by cygwin, since it
then will be connected to both runtimes. Therefore you should absoulutly
make sure it is the mingw compiler that builds the code and not the cygwin
compiler. The program can sometimes be confused if it based on both
runtimes, and sometimes it will crash. 

> Only anomaly is when  it starts it reports  that there is no support for
> reading match equity tables.

You need libxml2 support to fix this. I don't remember where I got my
libxml2 for windows, but it is out there on the net somewhere. Make a

> You mentioned there is 1/2 finished code for dumping equity loss at every
> decision for plotting. I wouldn't mind having a look and see if I can hack
> something. CAn you give me some hints where this code is?

This is Jørn's code. The code is probably local on his machine.

Use native gdk and gtk to make the plot or use gtk-extra libraries.
If we now start using guppi there will be some code (GTKSHowMET)
based on gtk-extra, and some other code based on guppi. Sounds silly.
..ok... yes we could make some #ifdefs ... guppi might not be bad
after all, but avoid gnuplot.


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